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Credit text: By crediting himself, the creator is able to take ownership of the idea or meaning created for him and others. This allows him to embrace this idea with full meaning.

Product: Selling an idea rather than a physical item or “product”.

Designer-wear: The idea of luxury redefined as craftsmanship, quality, artistry, and consciousness. The misunderstanding of privileged commodities redefined into truth.

Contemporary art: Expressive definition.

            : Hidden expression

*: The use of the asterisks are to give definition

Truth: One’s truth is only objective to themselves, all truth is.

Hoodie: The most concealing and therefore the most comfortable garment.

Temporary Items: Structure

Emphasis and Clarification:
The use of brackets are a direct reflection of how [unusual] decides to express themselves. The traditional use of brackets are meant to clarify and emphasize, in these terms the use of brackets are very similar. The brackets signify true expression correcting misunderstanding. The emotion and state of mind “Cailou” tries to communicate is misinterpreted and misunderstood. [unusual] tries correcting and properly communicating what “Cailou” cannot.

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